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The Best Spirulina Company in Food Coloring|Binmei

Still wondering which is the best spirulina company in food coloring? Binmei can provide you with purely natural colors and ideal solutions. Click to know more!

Get the more sustainable and healthier food colors at Binmei

Binmei is a global company that offers 100% natural and organic food color alternatives that are completely safe to consume and free from any kind of chemicals.


People are more drawn to and frequently have a greater appetite for colorful foods. Our eyes are drawn to the colorful meals, fruits, and vegetables. Even when they go to the grocery store, people frequently choose the items that appeal to them more. The role of food coloring in this case is crucial. A high-quality food color not only boosts the dish's attractiveness but also its value and the hunger of those who wish to consume it. Binmei steps in at this point.

Know more about Binmei

Binmei is a world-class company that offers 100% natural and safe food colors as well as high-quality spirulina extract across the globe. The company has started its journey with the goal of bringing high-quality natural colors and spirulina extract to every corner of the world. In only a few years, the company has succeeded to make its place in the market. Now, the company has a strong customer base in more than 60 countries across the globe which clearly reflects the reliability of the company. It is now one of the biggest companies in China that deals with natural food colors and spirulina extract. There have been three main points to focus on for the company: the best-in-class quality products, amazing service and fast and efficient delivery. The products offered by this leading spirulina company are based on the rich plant resources of China. The company understood that there is a huge gap in the market, especially in the food and beverage industry where these industries as well as people who need to cook their food at home, need high-quality food colors to make their dishes attractive while maintaining the quality. So, the company started its journey to fulfill that gap. 

The history of the Binmei is something really inspiring. The company started its journey in 2011 when the company first made its objectives and the goals clear. Followed by that year, in 2012, the founder of the company first extracted the first 100ml of algae cyanobacteria protein in a 9㎡ laboratory. It was a great success that led the founder and other team members to establish Zhejiang Binmei Biotechnology Co. Ltd in 2013. After that year, the company never had to look back as it continued bypassing all the hurdles. In 2024, the company launched 20 tons per year of algae cyanobacterial protein extraction line and launched algae cyanobacterial protein at FIA Expo in Shanghai, Asia. In the next year, All production lines were contracted by a German food ingredient giant. It was 2016 when the company developed a new product, spirulina liquid extract, as well as established a new technical team. Afterward, the company continued to grow, and now it is one of the leading names in the world market in terms of offering 100% natural food colors and spirulina extract. 

Product features of Binmei

  • Binmei chooses the most beautiful aspects of nature to produce a natural color palette that may be used to enhance the appeal of food products.
  • The company pays particular attention to maintaining the quality of the food products.
  • Food coloring is typically utilized in practically every culinary product, but Binmei's hues elevate the meal to a higher level.
  • All of the hues are entirely created utilizing cutting-edge technologies and are fully safe to eat.
  • All of the colors are changeable, and the business also provides color matching.
  • This top Spirulina company provides stability information for each raw material, along with the number of colors it can generate, for the convenience of the consumers.

The production process in Binmei: The leading spirulina company

The company has an extremely knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals. With this experienced team, the company produces the products by using the most advanced and high-quality equipment. All the products produced by this leading spirulina company are made of 100% natural products where no chemicals or other harmful substances are used. By using State-of-the-art technology, Binmei offers a wide range of natural and beneficial food coloring products. The company is based on the rich plant resources of China. This leading spirulina company not only ensures the quality of the products but also the company makes sure to maintain transparency more than anything else. The transparency and traceability of the products make them the best in the global market. 

The food coloring products of this leading spirulina company are obtained from nature, such as algae, plants, fruits, etc. Water is used as the main solvent in the process of extraction. The company strictly avoids the use of any additional chemicals. Besides offering high-quality food color, Binmei also strictly controls the nutritional content and flavor of the products as well.  

The filtered aqueous extraction of the dried biomass of spirulina using a gentle physical process results in the production of spirulina extract, which is naturally green in color (Arthrospira platensis). Phycocyanins are the main coloring agent in this product. This unique substance can be found in a variety of beverages and dietary supplements. This premium, 100% organic spirulina extract has earned the FSSC 22000 certification. The items' incredible quality has made the business the best Spirulina company in the world.

Binmei product application

These natural food coloring products are perfect for a vast range of industrial applications. Food colors are used in almost every industry that is anyhow related to the food chain cycle across the globe. The goal of the company is to offer all these industries a more sustainable, eco-friendly, and reliable solution. The food colors offered by the company are used in several industries, including

  • Food and beverage industry
  • Confectionery industry
  • Ice cream industry
  • Bakery industry
  • Dairy industry
  • And the dietary supplements industry.

In all the above-mentioned industries, food colors are used to make the food look more attractive and appetite-worthy. These 100% natural food colors can make the food items more presentable to increase the hunger of the eyes.  

Binmei: The top spirulina company with social obligations

A corporation like Binmei is conscious of its obligation to society and the environment. The company's major goal is to provide the global food and beverage sectors with a more sustainable, healthful solution that will improve the appeal and safety of their food items.

The business places a high priority on fulfilling its CSR obligations. The company's purpose is to provide a 100% safe and healthful alternative to food colors made chemically, but it also participates in a number of charitable endeavors. The organization just made an announcement about attending the Food and Beverage Innovation Forum (FBIF), the biggest gathering of the Asia-Pacific food industry. The FBIF's major mission is to assist executives in the food and beverage industries in learning about emerging trends. Since the company is providing a fantastic solution to the food and beverage sectors that will help industries all over the world to become more dependable and sustainable, Binmei is now one of the exhibition's key points of focus.

Find Our Natural Colors

Through gentle physical extraction, we transform brightly colored fruits, vegetables, flowers, and algae into bright, vibrant natural colors, providing high-performing coloring foodstuff solutions for demanding customers with an array of colors and hues.

Our natural colors are purely natural, free of any chemical additives and preservatives, and 100% plant-based in origin. BINMEI's natural colors also meet consumer demand for clean labels.

Our Advantages


Vertically Integrated Supply Chain

The supply chain is a central element in ensuring product quality and safety. We control the core growing technology and seed resources and are actively involved in growing to improve product and quality standards. We vertically integrate our supply chain to ensure 100% transparency and traceability.


Superior Quliaty Control

With our strong supply chain and comprehensive testing and analysis capabilities, we ensure that our quality and safety are at the forefront of our products. Our constant pursuit is bringing high-quality products at reasonable prices. Our experienced team of quality experts is dedicated to providing timely responses and specific quality documentation needs.


Advanced Technology and Solutions

State-of-the-art technology ensures that we offer unique and beneficial natural color products. Our natural color formulation capabilities allow us to provide vibrant, stable natural colors and coloring foods while addressing issues such as stability.


Clean Label and Transparency

More than ever, consumers need transparency, especially in food and health products. More than anything, they want to know where their ingredients are grown and how they are produced. Consumers want to be able to choose products with clean labels by saying natural is no longer enough, we must ensure transparency and traceability of products.

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  • Since 2010 we extracted the first natural blue color product in a 9 m² lab in China: Spirulina extract. Until today, we have been providing the food and beverage industry with the power of color from nature.

  • We continue to learn from our knowledge and experience to meet the diverse needs of our customers through innovation, and we want to make it easy for every consumer to enjoy natural colors and compelling cuisine. We have served more than 800 customers in over 60 countries worldwide.


Get Our Food Color Pow(d)er from Nature

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Harnessing the adventurous spirit of a new generation of consumers, Binmei\'s spirulina extract shades can open up new taste opportunities and capture consumer curiosity. BINMEI also offers a multi-color range of natural colors and provides manufacturers with comprehensive technical support at all stages of product development.

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