Cuttlefish Ink Extract

Cutttlefish Ink Extract, Refined Nutrition, Better Absorption.

Cuttlefish ink powder has a fine taste, uniform coloring, easy color mixing, and is more beneficial to human absorption. The king of low profile and noble colors – “black”, which can be perfectly matched with any color in the banquet!​100% all natural! No seasoning, no salt, no stabilizer, no preservatives added.


Advantages of Cuttlefish Ink Extract


Antimicrobial properties:this powder has antimicrobial properties, which may enable it to neutralize harmful bacteria and viruses.

Antioxidant effects:this powder antioxidant properties come from polysaccharides, which are long chains of conjoined sugar molecules that have been found to protect against free radicals

Fight cancer:squid ink proteins and polysaccharides may suppress the growth of breast, lung, and prostate cancer cells.

Strong stability : it is not easy to fade and has a long shelf life.

Appearance Black powder
Particle Size 98% Pass 200 mesh

Food Color and Functional Ingredient

Thanks to its excellent water solubility and coloring ability, Cuttlefish ink powder can be better used for food and beverage coloring.

As a functional ingredient recognized worldwide, Cuttlefish ink powder is not only more effective but also better absorbed by the human body.

Dietary Supplement

Cuttlefish ink powder contains many compounds, including melanin, enzymes, polysaccharides, catecholamines (hormones), metals like cadmium, lead, and copper, as well as amino acids, such as glutamate, taurine, alanine, leucine, and aspartic acid.

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Cuttlefish ink powder is more uniformly colored, so it is more widely used as a natural color and concentrates for cooking, baking, food coloring, and decorating. Perfect for squid ink pasta, capellini, bread, ice cream, dessert, crackers, pizza, pancakes and muffins.

Packaging and Orders

We are mainly offering large packaging for business use, as well as small packaging for retailing, such as 100g small packs. Meantime, we also can customize the packaging and specifications according to customer needs.

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