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Industry Background

When you celebrate birthdays and enjoy holidays, natural coloring can help your photos stand out on social media. Similarly, in bakeries and on supermarket shelves, baked goods with natural coloring can help your products stand out on the shelf. More importantly, it also satisfies consumer demand for natural health and clean labels.



  • Our natural colors are cost effective while meeting your color needs.
  • We can offer ultra-micronized powders that are more helpful in dissolving and mixing.
  • In addition to powder, we also offer liquid, which are more convenient to use and store.
  • In addition to color, our natural colors also provide health and wellness.

Manufacturing Processes

  • Additive reference: typically, a starting color dose between 0.1% w/w and 0.5% w/w is added to the finished product.
  • When your dough has chocolate or cocoa, you will need to add more.
  • Fermentation may cause color changes.


  • Please pay attention to the baking time and temperature!
  • Please pay attention to the pH value. When you use some colors, such as blue, it will be affected by the pH value. Also, the color of anthocyanin-based pigments will change with pH.

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