Applications — Dairy

Industry Background

While yogurt is often considered a healthy choice by consumers, at the same time, the dairy industry is a leader in clean labeling. Make your colorful dairy products more appealing to kids with BINMEI’s natural colors, while the clean label and essential nutrients of natural colors are something mom and dad will love to see.
The doubling advantage of combining the nutritional content of dairy products with the natural coloring itself is not only a great choice for children, but also for consumers seeking innovative health.



  • Our natural colors are cost-effective while providing color.
  • We can offer ultra-micronized powders that are more helpful in dissolving and mixing.
  • In addition to powder, we also offer liquid, which is easier to use and store.
  • In addition to color, our natural colors also provide health and wellness.

Manufacturing Processes

  • Additive reference: typically, a starting color dose of between 0.08% w/w and 1.0% w/w is added to the finished product.
  • Reduce discoloration due to pasteurization by increasing the amount used.
  • If possible, add natural colors at the end of production.


  • Most natural pigments perform well at neutral pH, but as ph changes, so does the color of the anthocyanin.
  • Light storage temperature can affect the shelf life and level of the color change of the product.
  • Using opaque packaging increases color stability.

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