Applications — Ice Cream

Industry Background

No one can resist ice cream. From bold bright red to clear, cool blue, ice cream colors can be used to draw the eye and guide the consumer's taste. Because ice cream is usually kept away from light and frozen, natural colors are widely used in ice cream. Stability considerations for application are usually pH, pasteurization temperature and other excipients added.



  • Our natural colors are cost effective while meeting your color needs.
  • We can offer ultra-micronized powders that are more helpful in dissolving and mixing.
  • In addition to powder, we also offer liquid, which are more convenient to use and store.
  • In addition to color, our natural colors also provide health and wellness.

Manufacturing Processes

  • Additive reference: typically, a starting color dose of between 0.05% w/w and 1.00% w/w is added to the finished product.
  • Other ingredients in the ice cream may affect the color mix.
  • Please note the temperature of pasteurization and add color after pasteurization if possible.


  • In ice cream, all colors of natural colors have excellent stability.

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