Aronia Berry Extract Powder

What is Aronia Berry Extract?

Aronia berry extract, also called chokeberry extract. Currently, Aronia berry extracts are allowed to be used in most countries, including Europe, the United States, Japan, and China, etc. BINMEI uses its top-quality aronia berry to produce its spirulina extract through a strict quality system, BINMEI's aronia berry extract is guaranteed to be world-class. Our Aronia berry extract is FSSC 22000-certified, which ensures we manage our food safety responsibilities effectively. We’re also ensured by many certifications including Kosher, Halal, and Organic.

BINMEI's Top Quality Aronia Berry Extract

Aronia berries hold the most antioxidants of all berries. They also contain numerous vitamins and minerals, including vitamins C, E, B2, B6 and Folic acid. They help support healthy blood circulation and digestion. Antioxidants aid with detoxifying the body of free radical damage. Aronia berries also reduce inflammation in the body due to muscle overuse or exercise. They make a delicious flavoring for sweets, pie fillings, yogurt, desserts, and jellies. Aronia Powder adds a great fruit punch flavor in many nutritional drinks and food products.

Appearance Red Powder
Solubility Water Soluble

Benefits of Aronia Berry Extract

Aronia may support the maintenance of healthy blood sugar and blood pressure levels and aid with proper digestion. It is also said to enhance the immune and circulatory systems and is used to support healthy retinal function as well as urinary tract health.



Research is showing that Aronia berries can protect the body against certain cancers — particularly breast cancer and colon cancer. Some tests showed that the anthocyanins present in the berries might stop colon cancer cells from growing


Antioxidant Rich

When compared with other berries, chokeberries had superior antioxidant levels. Specifically, aronia berries are a great source of polyphenols which inhibit free radicals in the bloodstream.


Boosts Immune System

The antioxidant levels in these berries not only support your immune system, they can strengthen it. Extract from the berries has been shown to reduce harmful bacteria activity by decreasing its production of a protective biofilm.


Increase Heart Health and Fights Diabetes

The anti-oxidant effects not only help with cancer, but they also may make your heart healthier — specifically alleviating conditions that fall under the umbrella of metabolic syndrome, like high cholesterol and triglycerides.

Aronia berries might also prevent diabetes by fighting insulin resistance in the body. Not only that but the berries have been found to lower blood glucose levels and decrease obesity, in addition to boosting immune function and reducing inflammation related to the disease.

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Our Product

Aronia berry extract is a natural red food colorant that is extracted from Aronia berry with water, the main component is anthocyanin. It is very safe and healthy without any chemical solvent. It can be widely used in food & beverage coloring: such as ice cream, chewing gum, and candy, etc.

Packaging and Orders

We are mainly offering large packaging for business use, as well as small packaging for retailing, such as 100g small packs. Meantime, we also can customize the packaging and specifications according to customer needs.

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