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Blue Spirulina

Blue spirulina is a new star among superfoods in recent years, and it is also the most popular natural blue pigment in colorful foods.

Blue spirulina is not only added to products by food and beverage brands, but also loved by supermodels, fitness enthusiasts, and consumers. They use blue spirulina to color their smoothies, ice cream, and chocolate while adding nutritional value to their food.


Phycocyanin powder is the "light-trapping antenna" of algae and a very powerful nutrient. Phycocyanin powder contains an open-chain tetrapyrrole ring structure of phycocyanobilin, with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, enhance immunity, and other physiological activities, in functional food, dietary supplements, medicine, and other fields have good prospects for application. Algal blue protein is the most powerful natural water-soluble ingredient with the strongest antioxidant capacity discovered so far.