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Organic Blue Spirulina liquid extract, or spirulina concentrate & Powder, is easier to produce and use, and has a more uniform color distribution. Click here for more information.

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Spirulina concentrate is a naturally occurring, 100% organic, and palatable food coloring. In the food and beverage industries, food colors are frequently utilized. These hues are typically employed to give food items a more appetizing appearance. Food color quality is important because poor food color quality can degrade the overall quality of the food ingested. Spirulina liquid extract is used to preserve the integrity of food products and provide a safer alternative to the food chain industry.

Spirulina liquid extract: what is it?

Spirulina concentrate powder is used to make spirulina liquid. It is a cyanobacterial biomass that is fully safe for both people and animals to consume. Spirulina concentrate provides a number of health advantages in addition to being used as a substitute for food colors made chemically. Recent research suggests that spirulina liquid can help manage blood sugar levels and lower high blood pressure when ingested in the recommended amounts. Spirulina is a kind of blue or green algae that grows in freshwater and on land. It has a variety of nutritional qualities that are good for human bodies. These algae are used to make spirulina concentrate at initially. Subsequently, liquid spirulina is created utilizing cutting-edge techniques. In some businesses, it is simpler to utilize.

In which industries spirulina liquid extract is used?

Spirulina liquid is used in several industries nowadays, especially industries that are anyhow related to the food chain. Besides that, this is used in the pharmaceutical industry as well. Spirulina concentrate has a great market worldwide. The demand and growth of this market have been expanding over the years. According to the market reports, the global spirulina extract market was valued at US$ 48.13 million in 2022. It clearly reflects that spirulina liquid extract is used in different industries to produce high-quality items that are completely safe to consume. Spirulina concentrate is used by industries because it has no negative impacts on human bodies. It is a healthy alternative to the chemically-produced pigments that are widely used by different industries. Here are the main industries where concentrated spirulina or spirulina liquid is used. 

The food and beverage industry

Spirulina liquid is used in this industry to make food items and beverages more attractive so that they can increase the hunger of the eyes. Not only do the industries of the human food chain use this material, but also the pet food industries rely on this to produce healthy and organic pet food items. There is a huge market demand for natural pigments that are used to produce food items. Chemically-produced food colors can be harmful to human bodies. So, there is a need for natural pigments that are getting fulfilled by high-quality spirulina extract. 

Nutraceuticals industry 

This item comes with amazing nutritional value and is 100% safe to consume. For this same reason, spirulina concentrate is used in the nutraceutical industry worldwide.

Pharmaceutical industry

Liquid spirulina is vastly used in the pharmaceutical and medical healthcare industry to produce high-quality and 100% safe medicines. Using chemically-produced food colors can cause chemical reactions while producing medicines. So, natural pigments are extremely important for this purpose. 

Cosmetic and personal care

It is a submarket for spirulina liquid. This material is used to avoid chemical pigments while producing high-quality skin care products. By using this material, cosmetic and personal care industry leaders make sure to offer more organic and natural products to their customers. 

What are the most significant benefits of utilizing spirulina liquid extract?

Due to its remarkable advantages and outstanding qualities, spirulina liquid has been utilized in numerous sectors for a long time. Here, we've listed the key advantages that have made this material so well-known.

100% Natural

Concentrated spirulina, often known as spirulina liquid, is a perfectly safe, all-natural pigment. The human body is unaffected by this substance's harmful effects. It provides a number of nutritional advantages in addition to aiding in the management of conditions such as high blood pressure, excessive blood sugar, bad cholesterol, etc.


The astonishing stability of stable spirulina concentrate is another factor in its widespread application by various sectors. The material has weak resistance to light, heat, acid, and alkali, despite being more stable than its chemical rivals on the market. For instance, if the pH of the water is lower than 4.2, it may fade. After adding spirulina extract, it is also not recommended to cook the item above 60 degrees Celsius.


Food products could not be made using the material if it is not soluble in water. Water is entirely soluble in spirulina extract. As a result, processing food with it is simple.

The scope of application of spirulina liquid extract

Spirulina liquid can be used for several purposes. It is a healthier and 100% organic material that can be used as natural pigments in the food and beverages industry, in the pharmaceutical and medical health care industry, etc. It has a huge scope in the market. If applied properly, this material can also be an alternative to fuel as well. 

The safety of spirulina extract 

It is completely safe to consume as it is 100% natural and organic. Also, it comes with several nutritional benefits as well. Spirulina liquid offered by Benmei is made by using the most advanced methodology and 100% authentic technology. It is permitted by the US and EU regulations. Besides that, it also holds the certificates of Kosher, Halal, etc. It has successfully passed FDA registration and has FSSC22000 as well. The EU standards and American standards for food additives reflect the purity of the product. 

What is Binmei’s production process for Spirulina Liquid Extract?

Binmei is one of the largest and most reliable spirulina extract manufacturers and suppliers across the globe. The company produces liquid spirulina from spirulina concentrate by using the most authentic methodology and advanced technology. The company has a team of highly professional and knowledgeable members who know how to do things properly while maintaining the topmost quality. 

First, spirulina concentrate is taken as the raw material to produce liquid spirulina. After that, the raw material goes under several procedures such as cell disruption, ultrafiltration, centrifugation, and detection. After all these processes, the experts can get vibrant and colorful spirulina powder. Now, the spirulina powder goes through different other procedures, such as compound formulation and preparation. At last, the liquid gets detected properly, and the finest liquid spirulina extract gets created. 

It is easier to use for industrial purposes as with this liquid form of spirulina, people don't need to worry about storage difficulties and contamination. This liquid form or extract comes in an airtight bottle to avoid any kind of contamination. 

As one of the leading suppliers of spirulina extract, Benmei makes sure to get 100% pure extract that does not contain any other chemicals. Adapting this high-quality natural food color is taking a step forward toward healthy eating habits. 

What is Spirulina Liquid Extract?

After producing high quality Spirulina extract, we compounded the Spirulina extract again to obtain Spirulina liquid extract. Unlike Spirulina extract powder, the liquid extract is easier to produce and use, and has a more uniform color distribution.


BINMEI's Top Quality Spirulina Liquid Extract


Spirulina liquid extract has no added organic solvents or preservatives, natural and safe.

Spirulina liquid extract is safely used for coloring confections (including candy and chewing gum), frostings, ice cream, frozen desserts, dessert coatings, toppings, beverage mixes and powders, yogurts, custards, puddings, cottage cheese, gelatin, breadcrumbs, ready-to-eat cereals (excluding extruded cereals), etc.

Spirulina liquid extracts are also permitted by the US(spirulina extract) and EU (spirulina, spirulina concentrate) regulations.

Specification E3
Color Value ≥30
Appearance Blue Honey Like Liquid
Solubility Water Soluble

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Our Product

Spirulina liquid extract is also known as Spirulina concentrate, liquid phycocyanin. Spirulina liquid extracts are made from a secondary blend of high quality Spirulina extracts. Compared with powdered Spirulina extract, Spirulina liquid extract is more convenient to use and store, while avoiding the inconvenience of dissolving, using, and storing powder.

Product Application & Stability

Since the essence of Spirulina liquid extract is phycocyanin, a natural pigment bound to protein. It has poor stability to heat, therefore, heating treatment will cause discoloration. However, if add blue after cooling down or at about 60℃ or used together with other ingredients containing protein, its color stability improves, its color stability will improve. It may maintain the charming blue color. Therefore, we suggest that your product be fully developed and tested before being launched.

Packaging and Orders

We are mainly offering large packaging(5kg, 25kg) for business use, as well as small packaging for retailing, such as 100g small packs. Meantime, we also can customize the packaging and specifications according to customer needs.

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