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BINMEI Biotechnology, a distinguished supplier and manufacturer in the China wholesale Spirulina market, specializes in a comprehensive range of products, including spirulina superfine powder, safflower yellow, and spirulina extract in Linhai, Zhejiang. Our expertise extends to the production of high-quality spirulina liquid extract, which is derived through a safe and reliable process that utilizes pure physical extraction methods. Only water is added as an auxiliary agent in our manufacturing process, ensuring that no organic solvents are used, which is a testament to our commitment to safety as a responsible supplier and manufacturer.

At BINMEI, we pride ourselves on offering spirulina extract that is not merely a natural pigment but also a potent antioxidant, making it a versatile functional raw material for various applications. Our product is safely used for coloring a wide array of food products, such as confections (including candy and chewing gum), frostings, ice cream and frozen desserts, dessert coatings and toppings, beverage mixes and powders, yogurts, custards, puddings, cottage cheese, gelatin, breadcrumbs, and ready-to-eat cereals (excluding extruded cereals).

Our commitment to quality and safety has earned us a commendable name among suppliers and manufacturers. BINMEI's marketing networks have reached 60 countries and regions, including Germany, Netherlands, Italy, UK, and France, due to our strategic positioning in the significant Chinese markets. We have received widespread recognition from both local and international clients, which can be attributed to our particular competency and the large number of successful global food additives projects we have undertaken as a leading supplier and manufacturer.

Our dedication to maintaining high standards of expertise, quality, credibility, and services has not gone unnoticed. BINMEI has been recognized multiple times as a "Customer Trustworthy Enterprise" among suppliers and manufacturers. Adhering to our motto "Quality First, Customer Utmost," we pledge to offer our loyal clientele around the world nothing but the best in terms of services and quality.

Moreover, as a supplier and manufacturer of spirulina extract in the US, we are pleased to inform our clients that our product is exempt from certification. This means that our spirulina extract does not require the certification stipulated in section 721(c) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, further underscoring our commitment to providing safe and reliable products to our clients.

BINMEI Biotechnology is always open to working with new clients and business partners as we continue to lead as a top supplier and manufacturer in the spirulina extract industry. Our focus on cutting-edge research and development, combined with our dedication to putting the needs of our clients first, has allowed us to attract a large and loyal clientele from around the globe.

Spirulina company Products

Spirulina company

Organic Spirulina Powder (16 oz) by Sari Foods Co.: Naturally vegan, provides iron, beta-carotene, GLA, amino acids, vitamin B12, and folate.

Spirulina company factory manufacturer supplier

365 Capsules with Pure Original Ingredients Spirulina No rice fillers or magnesium, always pure, according to lab testing

One pound (two bottles) of Nutricost Organic Spirulina Powder, 1 gram per serving

Travel tumbler Stanley Adventure Quencher Spirulina (30 ounce).

Earthrise ® Spirulina Natural, 6.4 oz powder: Vegan, gluten-free, keto-friendly, non-GMO superfood rich in vitamins and minerals. Natural premium spirulina from California.

500 mg / 400 tablets of NUTREX HAWAII Pure Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica

AZMAFS1 Aquatrol Spirulina 20 Flake, 1-Ounce is produced by Zoo Med Labs.

DXN Supplemental Spirulina

Sephora Hydrating and Anti-Pollution Spirulina Face Mask Masque

Spirulina - 2000 + 400 tabs / 200 mg - 100% Organic

People May Ask

What should I consider when looking for a reliable spirulina extract manufacturer?

When searching for a manufacturer of spirulina extract it's important to consider factors, like their production capabilities, adherence to quality standards such as GMP certifications they hold the purity of the extract they offer and their standing in the market.

How can I ensure that the spirulina extract manufacturer I choose follows good manufacturing practices?

To ensure that the spirulina extract manufacturer you select follows manufacturing practices you can verify their GMP certification. Ideally visit their facilities to observe their operations firsthand.

What are the key features of a high-quality spirulina supplier?

The key characteristics of a top notch spirulina supplier include offering non GMO products that're free from contaminants. They should also be transparent about the sourcing of their spirulina. Maintain openness in how they conduct business.

How can I determine if a spirulina supplier is trustworthy?

To assess if a spirulina supplier is reliable look for feedback, from customers, quality and safety certifications and a track record of dependable service. Additionally responsive communication and excellent customer support are indicators of trustworthiness.

What kind of questions should I consider asking before purchasing spirulina extract, from a supplier?

It's essential to inquire about where the spirulina comes from the methods used for extraction any certifications they have whether there are any additives or fillers included and their policies regarding returns and customer satisfaction.

How can I go about finding a supplier of spirulina extract that offers discounts for buying in bulk?

To discover a provider that offers discounts on spirulina extract you could contact suppliers to ask about their wholesale pricing. Many suppliers are open to negotiating prices for quantities.

What sort of documentation should I anticipate receiving from a spirulina extract supplier to ensure the quality of the product?

When dealing with a spirulina extract supplier it's reasonable to expect documentation such as a Certificate of Analysis (COA) verifying the purity and potency of the product along with any non GMO certifications.

How can I select a manufacturer of spirulina extract?

Seek out manufacturers with certifications, like GMP certification and non GMO verification. Review their performance, client feedback and ensure they follow ethical production methods.

What should you think about when assessing the quality of a spirulina extract manufacturers products?

Take into account the purity of the extract the manufacturers quality control procedures, certifications and whether there are any additives or contaminants.

Is it possible to tour a spirulina extract manufacturers facilities before buying their products?

Several manufacturers provide tours of their facilities for customers. Get in touch, with the manufacturer to ask if a visit is an option to establish trust and understanding in how they produce their goods.

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