Combining the best of spirulina
extract with the best of science


BINMEI’s Spirulina Extract

BINMEI's spirulina extract was born in a laboratory

BINMEI’s spirulina extract is not only superior in raw material cultivation and procurement, but also in processing and extraction technology. Our core competency is based on our ability to extract, purify and provide formulation solutions such as powder liquid. Through our extensive experience, expertise, and vast industrialization capabilities, BINMEI is constantly adapting our equipment and production processes to diversify our technologies. Through constant communication and open dialogue throughout the supply chain, our products continue to improve every day.

Extraction: Physical Extraction

With our excellent extraction technology, we preserve the main active ingredient in Spirulina: phycocyanin to the greatest extent possible. We use only physical extraction to separate the Phycocyan in from Spirulina by strictly controlling the temperature, humidity and pH of the extraction process, and concentrate the highly active material and use our extracted cyanobacteria as is or configure them to meet specific needs.


Solutions: Solid, Liquid and Custom Solution Formulations Available

Through our knowledge of analytical physical chemistry and blending techniques, our Spirulina extracts are manufactured in both powder and liquid forms by combining selected tools and formulation formulations, and we can also provide customized solutions depending on the needs of the customer and the product.

Our quality

  • We comply with Good Manufacturing Practice and FSSC22000 standards.
  • Our products also comply with EU and US standards.
  • Our Spirulina extracts are also certified organic (US NOP, EU standards), halal and kosher.

Full traceability throughout the process

From raw materials to products, we ensure that every step is traceable and that we have complete control over the entire supply chain and the entire industrial process.

Our commitment to traceability



Raw materials: Our raw materials come from our own farms and reliable suppliers.

  • We master the core growing techniques of raw materials and pass on our experience to our farms and suppliers.
  • Our farms are located far from industrial parks and sources of pollution.
  • That our suppliers are evaluated and approved according to the most stringent requirements.
  • That we conduct regular audits.
  • That we systematically inspect raw materials before they are used.
  • Our suppliers comply with Good Agricultural and Collection (GACP) and Manufacturing (GMP) practices and our sustainability principles.



  • Our production sites are FSSC22000 certified, and these certifications guarantee safety and compliance at every step of the process, from procurement to delivery of finished products. They provide a high standard of assurance to our customers around the world.


Quality Control

  • We have a dedicated quality control team that monitors the implementation and performance of our quality system.


Product Testing

  • Our quality testing is spread across multiple stages of raw materials, processing and products, and for spirulina extract, we can reach more than 400 tests and analyses per year.

The support and services we provide

In addition to our products, we also provide regulatory support, documentation support, and more. We also provide personalized support according to the needs of our customers.

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