What is Phycocyanin and Why is it Valuable in Blue Spirulina Supplements from China?

Phycocyanin is a blue pigment found predominantly in blue spirulina supplements, extracted from Spirulina platensis by specialized manufacturers in China. This protein pigment, known scientifically as C-phycocyanin (C-PC), is renowned for its concentrated nutritional composition and potential therapeutic roles in bolstering overall health. What is phycocyanin's role in the body? It acts as a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent, supporting a healthy inflammatory response.

The use of phycocyanin spirulina, particularly the blue variant from Chinese suppliers, extends notable benefits to liver function and cardiovascular health. What is phycocyanin's impact on these systems? It acts as a hepatoprotective agent, supporting liver vitality, and contributes to the maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels, thereby promoting improved blood circulation. These characteristics render phycocyanin spirulina, especially in its blue form sourced from Chinese factories, as an exemplary choice for researchers and health-conscious individuals intent on finding natural ways to support cardiac and hepatic health.

Beyond these internal benefits, the distinctive blue hue of phycocyanin spirulina powder also provides a boon to the food and beauty sectors. What is phycocyanin used for in these industries? Its natural and aesthetically appealing coloration enables its use as a dye in culinary arts and beauty formulations, circumventing the need for synthetic additives and making it a popular choice among wholesale buyers.

To harness the full potential of blue spirulina phycocyanin powder, it is essential to obtain it from reputable suppliers who can guarantee the purity and potency of the phycocyanin content. What is phycocyanin's significance in determining the quality of spirulina products? Its presence is a key indicator of the supplement's effectiveness and purity, especially when sourced from reliable manufacturers in China.

Phycocyanin, the blue pigment found in spirulina, has gained attention for its striking color and array of nutritional properties. In addition to its use as a natural food dye and dietary supplement from Chinese wholesale suppliers, what is phycocyanin's role in skincare? Phycocyanin also provides remarkable topical skin advantages. With its high concentration of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, phycocyanin delivers beautifying and restorative effects when properly formulated into skincare by manufacturers.

Applying products containing phycocyanin can impart multiple phycocyanin skin benefits. Its high antioxidant activity defends against oxidative damage from UV exposure and pollution. As a result, what is phycocyanin's effect on the skin? The ingredient has an anti-aging effect by preventing collagen breakdown and maintaining skin elasticity. The phytonutrients also calm irritation and sensitivity while providing an extra hydration boost to smooth and plump the skin. These phycocyanin skin benefits reveal its potential both as a preventative and corrective step in skincare routines, further enhancing its value in the global market, particularly for suppliers and manufacturers in China.

Phycocyanin Skin Benefits: Unveiling the Multifaceted Advantages for Dermatological Health

Phycocyanin, a blue pigment found in blue spirulina supplements, is increasingly recognized for its phycocyanin skin benefits. Studies have shown the potential for phycocyanin’s anti-melanogenic properties to improve hyperpigmentation and balance uneven skin tone over time. With growing insight into how phycocyanin skin benefits translate from supplement to topical form, more targeted treatments harnessing its bioactive powers continue to emerge. For individuals seeking to unlock phycocyanin’s full dermatological potential, opting for pure formulations from reputable suppliers is key.

The alluring azure tone of phycocyanin has captivated the wellness sector for years. But exciting revelations in skincare demonstrate that the pigment’s benefits go beyond skin deep. As research continues delineating how phycocyanin skin benefits manifest from both inside and out, one thing remains certain - phycocyanin is a multipurpose ingredient deserving of the attention.

Binmeis Spirulina Protein; Embracing Plant Based Nutrition

Welcome, to Binmei, where we're changing the protein game. Our star product, Spirulina Protein is derived from the nutrient packed blue green algae known as spirulina. As a manufacturer and supplier based in China we are committed to delivering top notch spirulina protein that harnesses the best of natures offerings.

Exploring Spirulina Protein;

At Binmei we champion the benefits of plant powered nutrition. Spirulina Protein exemplifies this philosophy by providing a source of plant based protein that supports an dynamic lifestyle.

Protein. Excellence;

Our spirulina protein stands out as a powerhouse. Boasting a protein content to meat and dairy products it has become a go to choice for fitness enthusiasts and health conscious individuals. The exceptional quality of our protein is attributed to the environment in which our spirulina is cultivated and harvested.

Amino Acid Profile;

The diverse amino acid composition found in Binmeis spirulina protein sets it apart. This profile includes all amino acids that're vital for your bodys functions but need to be obtained through diet. From lysine to methionine our spirulina protein provides support, for your needs.

Nutritional Benefits;

Besides being a source of protein, spirulina protein is packed with nutrients that are beneficial, for your health. It contains a variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that support well being. Our dedication to quality ensures that each serving of spirulina protein contributes to improving your health.

Benefits for Wellness;

The advantages of spirulina protein are extensive. It helps with weight management boosts muscle growth and repair and promotes heart health. For those following vegetarian or vegan diets it's an addition as it provides a protein source that can be challenging to find in plant based eating.

Variety of Options;

At Binmei we offer spirulina protein in forms tailored to fit your lifestyle. Whether you prefer the convenience of tablets the versatility of powders or the effectiveness of extracts we have options that cater to your needs. Each form is crafted to make integrating spirulina protein into your effortless.

Usage and Recipe Ideas;

Incorporating spirulina protein into your diet is now simpler than ever. Give our Spirulina Protein Smoothie a try, for a way to kickstart your day;

Here's a tasty smoothie recipe you can try;

  • 1 banana
  • 250 ml of almond milk (use your kind)
  • 2 scoops of spirulina protein powder, by Binmei
  • A handful of fresh spinach
  • 1 tablespoon of chia seeds
  • Add ice cubes according to your preference, for thickness.

Phycocyanin spirulina Products

250g of Binmei Spirulina Powder: 100% natural, enhanced with vitamins and minerals, phycocyanin, B12 complex, green superfood, non-GMO, gluten-free, and non-irradiated; increases energy and strengthens immunity.

100% Pure and Non-Irradiated, Vegan, All-Natural, and Non-GMO, Binmei USDA Organic Spirulina Powder 2.2 Pounds (1 KG), 303 Servings, Mess-Free Wide Mouth Container, Fresh Smell, and Neutral Taste

Blue Green Algae Blue Spirulina Powder Pure Superfood Excellent as Vegan Natural Food Coloring for Smoothies and Baking Acrylocyanin Up to 70 Servings at 2 oz.

Phycocyanin Blue-Green Algae Superfood, Organic Spirulina Powder, 100% Organic Food Coloring, 1.4X More Intense Blue Color Blue Majik, China Organic Blue Spirulina Powder 1 Ounce

China Certified Natural Food Coloring for Smoothies and Protein Drinks - 100% Pure Superfood from Blue Green Algae - Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegan (16 oz)

Phycocyanin Powder Pack of Binmei Blue Spirulina (2 oz / 57 gr)- Perfect for smoothies, protein or food coloring has a more neutral flavor than the fishy taste of green shrimp.

phycocyanin spirulina

Binmei: High-protein, non-irradiated, pure blue green algae, spirulina alga, chlorophyll, and nails for healthier skin, hair, and nails 1000 Non-GMO Tablets

phycocyanin spirulina factory manufacturer supplier

Micro-Algal Superfood Avira Organic Spirulina 500 mg 360 tablets, high chlorophyll, USP certified, bioactive, nutrient-rich, super green, and non-GMO in cultivation

Excellent and Super Blue Spirulina Powder - 2 oz container, containing 100% Phycocyanin, a Pure Superfood derived from Blue Algae - ideal for Natural Food Coloring, Protein Shakes & Smoothies, Vegetarian - Water Extracted

Phoria Blue Spirulina Powder is a naturally occurring superfood that is bright blue in color, 100% natural, free of fish flavor, vegan, and gluten-free. Weight Net: 3.17 oz/90 g

People May Ask

How can Chinese wholesalers and traders ensure phycocyanin within imported spirulina protein retains stability and maximum coloring capacity?

Exporters should monitor time and temperature exposures during transit to prevent phycocyanin degradation. Strategic use of stabilizers, antioxidants, and protective packaging also preserves quality.

What factors besides phycocyanin content should industrial buyers evaluate when selecting a wholesale Chinese factory supplier of spirulina protein?

Beyond phycocyanin content, buyers should analyze metals testing; inventory management; packaging and shipping reliability when selecting Chinese spirulina protein ingredient suppliers.

With rising global demand for natural blue food coloring, have more Chinese manufacturers begun offering phycocyanin extracts and formulations?

As consumer demand grows for clean label bright blue hues in foods and beverages, innovative Chinese companies have begun offering phycocyanin isolates to replace synthetic colorants in a range of products.

Do any recreational ice pop or snow cone manufacturers use vivid blue phycocyanin from Chinese spirulina protein to replace synthetic food dyes?

Yes, some frozen treat brands use phycocyanin extracts from spirulina protein manufacturers in China as a healthy, non-toxic alternative to FD&C blue food dyes. The colors are vibrant and fruit-flavored snow cones mask subtle flavors.

Are there any common contaminants in lower grade China-sourced spirulina protein that can degrade phycocyanin levels over time?

Lower quality spirulina protein can contain heavy metals, yeast, mold and other contaminants which degrade sensitive phycocyanin molecules over time if not stored properly.

What types of certifications should Chinese suppliers of spirulina protein have to ensure high phycocyanin content and overall safety?

Reputable Chinese spirulina companies should have certifications like Organic, Kosher, Halal, or GRAS affirming safety and preventing contamination that reduces phycocyanin content.

How does high quality phycocyanin-rich spirulina protein from China compare to other popular protein powders in terms of bioavailability?

Studies show phycocyanin in spirulina has excellent bioavailability and digestibility compared to common proteins like casein or whey, while providing additional nutrition.

What wholesale Chinese spirulina protein factories follow strict quality control and testing protocols to preserve maximum phycocyanin levels?

Top suppliers like Zhejiang Binmei Biotechnology and Hangzhou Onicon Chemical Co. routinely test for phycocyanins while meeting safety standards like ISO and HACCP.

Why is phycocyanin one of the most important compounds to look for when sourcing spirulina protein from Chinese manufacturers?

Phycocyanin gives spirulina its signature blue color and powerful antioxidant properties. Evaluating phycocyanin levels helps assess overall spirulina quality.

What are some of the top health and nutritional benefits of phycocyanin found in spirulina powder from Chinese suppliers?

Phycocyanin provides antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immunomodulatory benefits. It also supports liver health and detoxification. Its anti-viral and anti-cancer properties are also being researched.

Top Reviews


I’m obsessed with this phycocyanin powder for the gorgeous pop of color it adds to lemon snow cones, and the antioxidant value is a nice bonus! I tried a few suppliers but the quality and color consistency from my manufacturer in China can’t be beat. Despite the distance they ship quickly at fair prices. Will definitely purchase from them again.

Brad B.

We use this powdered blue spirulina extract as an all-natural coloring for ice pops at my shop. It blends so smoothly into fruit juice concentrates without leaving an aftertaste. I love supporting my health-conscious customers too by adding some wholesome nutrition into our snacks! My next order will be from the same amazing Chinese company.

Irina Adriana Motaescu

I bought this phycocyanin powder to add a fun blue vibrancy to the snow cones at my shop. A little goes a long way! Just a pinch or two mixed into the syrups creates an intense blue hue without overpowering the flavors. The wholesaler from China I ordered from even custom matched the blue shade to my logo. Business has boomed since offering these colorful treats!

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