Explore BINMEI’s high-performance natural color solutions at FIC2023 in Shanghai

Monday March 13, 2023

BINMEI is pleased to announce that we will be attending FIC2023, which will be held in Shanghai, China, from March 15 to 17, 2023. As a leading supplier of spirulina extracts and natural colors, we invite food and beverage companies from all over the world to visit the show and discover our high-performance natural color products.

At FIC, we will showcase our natural color products and new products, including spirulina extract, spirulina ultrafine powder, butterfly pea flower extract, and our latest product: natural rose extract.

BINMEI’s spirulina extract

BINMEI’s Spirulina extract is obtained through a gentle physical extraction process that does not add any chemical additives such as ammonium sulfate and no chemical additives such as preservatives. Spirulina extract is the most scarce blue pigment in natural colors and a high-quality source of protein, not only adding a bright blue color to foods and beverages, but also serving as a rich source of essential nutrients such as protein and amino acids. These unique properties make it an ideal ingredient for functional foods and health drinks. The vibrant blue color of spirulina extract can also add a striking visual appeal to food and beverage products.

BINMEI spirulina extract
BINMEI spirulina extract

BINMEI’s spirulina superfine powder

Spirulina powder is a versatile ingredient that can be added not only as a natural color, but also as a functional ingredient in foods and beverages. Then ordinary spirulina powder has many shortcomings in use, such as: spirulina is not water-soluble, spirulina has a fishy smell, etc.

Compared with ordinary spirulina, BINMEI’s spirulina superfine powder is close to the water-soluble state, which is more convenient for food and beverage factories to use, and greatly reduces the fishy odor. Due to the wall-breaking and homogeneous emulsification process, spirulina superfine powder is more conducive to human absorption and nutrient fortification than ordinary spirulina.

BINMEI spirulina superfine powder

BINMEI’s butterfly pea flower extract

Butterfly pea flower extract is a natural blue pigment newly adopted by the US FDA, as a natural color with good stability, butterfly pea flower extract quickly gained popularity in the food and beverage industry. In Southeast Asia and the tropics, butterfly pea blossom is loved and popular among young people as a source of blue in desserts and ice cream. Compared with spirulina extract, butterfly pea flower extract is stable to light, heat and light, and shows different colors in different pH ranges, which can form a good complement to spirulina extract.

BINMEI butterfly pea flower extract
BINMEI butterfly pea flower extarct

BINMEI launches a new product: rose extract. A new natural red color

Finally, BINMEI also unveiled its latest product: rose extract (liquid) at the FIC show. Rose extract has the unique aroma of rose and is an excellent ingredient for desserts, beverages and confectionery products. At the same time, it can provide rose red, which symbolizes romance and love, adding an elegant touch to the product.

BINMEI rose extract
BINMEI rose extract

In addition to our product presentation, our team of experts will provide personalized solutions and answer any questions about our products.

In short, BINMEI is a leading supplier of natural color products and custom application solutions. Our spirulina extract, spirulina superfine powder, butterfly pea flower extract, and rose extract are all great choices for food and beverage companies seeking to incorporate premium natural ingredients into their products. We are excited to showcase our products at the upcoming FIC exhibition and continue to deliver innovative solutions to our global customers.

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