Wednesday March 13, 2024


2010 Breaking international monopolies and achieving breakthroughs in the extraction technology of phycocyanin

2012 Establish an independent intellectual property protection system

2013 Established Binmei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and launched its first production line in the same year

2015 Introduce HACCP security management system and advanced testing methods

2016 With an investment of over 40 million yuan, the “200 ton/year intelligent production base for phycocyanin” has been completed and put into use

2017 Nominated for the collaborative innovation project of the national “13th Five Year Plan” marine economic innovation demonstration work “Synergistic innovation of the comprehensive development industry chain of phycocyanin and marine spirulina”

2019 Participated in drafting the national standard for “Food Additives: Phycocyanin”

2020 Integrate the construction of raw material breeding and processing bases, promote large-scale and standardized management of the supply chain, and enter a new round of rapid growth period

2021 Binmei has successively launched new natural pigments such as spirulina extract liquid and butterfly pea flower extract and won the first prize in the 2021 China Productivity Promotion Innovation Award, and the second prize in the China Light Industry Joint Science and Technology Progress Award

2022 Investing in the establishment of Taizhou Shipu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Nantong Zhongke Binmei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. to achieve the integration of industry, academia, and research and technology-driven development

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