Binmei Biotechnology Invitation: Hi & Fi Asia-China 2024 and FBIF 2024 in Shanghai

Tuesday June 11, 2024

Hi & Fi Asia-China 2024: Booth No. 41C63

From June 19th to 21st, 2024, the “25th Health Natural Ingredients and Food Ingredients China Exhibition” will be held at the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center. At the FIC Exhibition, Binmei Biotechnology will bring its latest research and development achievements and product series. Our professional team will provide detailed introductions of product characteristics, applications, and advantages to the attendees, as well as offer professional technical support and solutions. Welcome to visit our booth at Hall 4.1, Booth 41C63.

FBIF2024: Booth No. B204

From June 25th to 27th, 2024, the “10th FBIF iFood Show as a concurrent exhibition of FBIF (Food and Beverage Innovation Forum)” will be held at the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center. FBIF iFood Show as a concurrent exhibition of FBIF (Food and Beverage Innovation Forum), focuses on innovation and aims to provide F&B companies with a professional display and communication platform, complementing the forum and jointly promoting the industry development. Welcome to visit our Booth No. B204

Spirulina extract/Blue spirulina/Phycocyanin

Type: Powder and Liquid, different color values product series, customized according to customer needs

Binmei Biotechnology has focused on spirulina extract development and extraction for more than 10 years, serving more than 800 customers worldwide, can customize spirulina extract according to customer product application requirements. The warehouse is stocked with phycocyanin powder and liquid of different color values all year round, including organic spirulina extract. Binmei Biotechnology can supply Phycocyanin application solutions, for example, phycocyanin beers, phycocyanin candies, phycocyanin ice cream, and so on.

Natural black: Cuttlefish ink extract

Type: Powder and Liquid, go through Physical deodorization process, no fishy smell and taste

Binmei Biotechnology adopts unique physical deodorization technology, and cuttlefish ink extract has no fishy smell or taste, powder and liquid are two types for customers, widely used in food and beverage industries. Cuttlefish ink extract contains many compounds, including melanin, enzymes, polysaccharides, catecholamines (hormones), metals like cadmium, lead, and copper, as well as amino acids, such as glutamate, taurine, alanine, leucine, and aspartic acid.

Aronia berry extract

Type: Powder and Liquid, go through deastringenting technology

Aronia berry is popular and gets more attention because of its high phenolic content, especially anthocyanins, in the form of cyanidin derivatives. the berries are also rich in bioactive constituents, such as vitamins (vitamin C and vitamin E), mineral elements (potassium, calcium, and magnesium), carotenoids, pectins, organic acids, and carbohydrates present in smaller amounts. Because of the Aronia berry component, Aonia Berry Powder has the most important benefit: Preventing Chronic Diseases.

Rose extract

Type: Powder and Liquid

Rose extract, the combination of the fragrant aroma of raw materials and gorgeous red, not only gives the product a symbol of love and romance with bright color, but more profoundly contains a beautiful meaning and rich cultural connotation. Binmei Biotechnology rose extract keeps the rose taste and flavor.

Spirulina Superfine Powder

Type: Powder

Spirulina is not only a clean-label ingredient member, but also a very powerful immunomodulator and antioxidant. Spirulina is also rich in nutrients including a range of vitamins and minerals needed to support a healthy immune system, such as vitamins E, C, and B6, among others.  Matcha and ice cream companies prefer to use this ingredient.

Butterfly pea flower extract

Type: Powder and Liquid

Butterfly pea flower extract is a rare blue color among natural pigments, which provides food and beverage manufacturers with a new color option. Butterfly pea flower extract can be combined with other natural pigments to form a natural purple or green color. It can be labeled as “butterfly pea flower extract for color” or “vegetable juice for color”, making this new source a very appealing option for today’s consumers looking for simple ingredient statements. Butterfly pea flower extract is labeled “vegetable juice (color)” for finished products under FDA Regulation 21 CFR Section 73.260. BINMEI’s new butterfly pea flower extract solutions make it possible to deliver vibrant, stable colors even in the toughest applications.


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