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Industry Background

The beverage industry has always been an innovative and dynamic one, with brands and consumers alike looking for the next innovation. Since the popularity of social media, the color of your beverage has become increasingly important to your product. This is because a great looking color not only helps your product stand out on the shelf, but also emphasizes the naturalness of your product.



  • Our natural colors are cost-effective while meeting your color needs. We can offer ultra-micronized powders, which are more helpful for dissolution and mixing.
  • In addition to powder, we also offer liquid, which is more convenient to use and store.
  • Our natural colors are also available on health and clean labels.

Manufacturing Processes

  • Adding amount reference: usually, add between 0.02%w/w-0.25%w/w of the starting color dose adding the amount in the finished product.
  • Production processing: pay attention to the order of addition, please try to add color at the last stage of production.
  • The processing temperature should not be too high and the processing time should not be too long.
  • Quick cooling helps to maintain the color.
  • Please pay attention to the color mixing with other ingredients that cause the color change.


  • Please note the effect of different ph values on the color.
  • Please try to shorten the pasteurization process.
  • Natural color will be gradually eliminated with time, you can extend the shelf life by changing the outer packaging.

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