What Marvels Does Butterfly Pea Flower Extract Bring to Holistic Wellbeing?

Butterfly Pea Flower Extract, derived from the petals of the Clitoria ternatea plant is more, than a beautiful blue addition to your tea. It holds age secrets of healing and wellness. This extract has long been valued in medicine in Ayurveda for its ability to combat various ailments.

Obtaining the Butterfly Pea Flower Extract involves a process that ensures its color and powerful bioactive compounds are preserved. These deep blue flowers are not decorative. Also packed with anthocyanins antioxidants commonly found in blueberries and red cabbage. These antioxidants play a role in fighting stress within the body. Regular consumption of this extract has been linked to vitality and a strengthened immune system.

In terms of well being Butterfly Pea Flower Extract brings hope. Its calming properties can alleviate stress and anxiety providing a moment of tranquility amidst our lives. This natural elixir promotes clarity and concentration making it a popular choice, for those looking to enhance their abilities naturally.

Butterfly Pea Flower Extract is incredibly versatile, not known for its properties but also, for its ability to enhance the visual appeal of dishes without relying on artificial dyes. Whether its adding color to desserts or infusing cocktails with its captivating hue this extract showcases the remarkable beauty that nature offers.

With each crafted extraction process Butterfly Pea Flower Extract upholds a tradition that brings not just wellness but also a touch of extraordinary to those who appreciate its stunning blue charm. Deeply rooted, in wellness practices this extract continues to captivate the world with its numerous health benefits serving as a precious gift derived from natures magnificent canvas.

Innovative Ways to Use Butterfly Pea Flower Extract in Frozen Treats and Baked Goods

Vividly hued blue butterfly pea flower extract is gaining notice as a colorful new ingredient for enhancing both aesthetics and nutrition across indulgent recipes spanning from ice creams to cocktails. But how can product developers best leverage this exotic China-sourced botanical derivative?

Butterfly pea flower extract contains the brilliant blues supplied by natural anthocyanins inherent to the Clitoria Ternatea vine. Reputable China manufacturers finely tune proprietary extraction techniques to derive liquid or powder concentrates without diluting the richness of the bioactive plant compounds. This allows for vivid and consistent coloring strength suitable for commercial applications.

Within frozen desserts like sorbets, sherbets, and gelatos, butterfly pea flower extract infuses each creamy mouthful with striking sapphire swirls and antioxidant properties. The same holds for fruit-based cocktails, lemonades and chilled teas which earn an electrifying color enhancement from a dash of dissolved butterfly pea extract. Vibrant purple buttercream frostings also showcase the butterfly pea specialty ingredient to elevate cake creations.

For ease of integrating into existing product recipes, reputable China suppliers offer custom formulations of their butterfly pea flower extracts to achieve desired hues and solubility across specific usage categories like dairy items versus beverages. They also provide guidance on ideal extract ratios.

Let’s explore a basic recipe exemplifying butterfly pea flower extract:

Vivid Butterfly Pea Ice Cream


  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 1 cup whole milk
  • 3⁄4 cup sugar
  • 1⁄4 tsp salt
  • 1 tbsp butterfly pea flower extract
  • 1 tbsp vanilla extract
  • Berry pieces (optional)


  1. Whisk cream, milk and sugar over low heat till dissolved.
  2. Cool mixture; add salt, extracts and berries.
  3. Churn according to ice cream appliance instructions.

Gorge on beautiful ice cream bursting with butterfly blue vibrancy!

Treat your tastebuds to the visual intrigue and nutritional perks of products enhanced by butterfly pea flower extract!

Butterfly Pea Flower Extract Products

Natural Asian Gourmet Standardized Fresh Beverage or Bakery Ingredient, Butterfly Pea Flower Extract - Binmei Extract

Lots of vitamin C. composed of the best-chosen entire hibiscus blossoms. Cooking, tea, do-it-yourself, masks, etc. It promotes clear complexion and healthy skin.

Butterfly Pea Flowers (45 g) Dried Tea Leaves | Organic Nootropics, Natural, Raw Drink Mix with Antioxidants | Encourages Calm, Relaxation, and Stress Relief | 100%

Natural Asian Gourmet Standardized Fresh Beverage or Bakery Ingredient, Butterfly Pea Flower Extract - Binmei Extract, Natural Color

Super Red Wild Hibiscus Flower Extract and Binmei Magical Color-Changing Butterfly Pea Flower Extract - 100% Natural Food & Beverage Coloring - 3.4 Fl Oz Bottle (Pack of 2)

Optimize the antioxidant effect using 8 x 60g Pure Butterfly Pea Flower Extract Liquid, or 14 pieces of butterfly pea flowers in 1 tablespoon.

A combination of 30 Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Bags, 15 Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Bags, and 0.88 Oz of Butterfly Pea Flower Tea - Herbal Tea - Gluten Free - Eco-Conscious Packaging is available in Blue Tea.

B'lure Flower Extract - 3.4 Fl Oz Bottle (Pack of 2) (Pack of 2)

Anthocyanin of Butterfly Pea Flower Extract Liquid Concentrate (60g): Natural Flavor, Natural Color, Fresh, Natural Asian Gourmet Beverage or Bakery Ingredient Two vases

Fresh Natural Asian Gourmet Beverage or Bakery Ingredient: Anthocyanin of Butterfly Pea Flower Extract Liquid Concentrate (1000g) in Two Bottles; Natural Flavor, Natural Color

People May Ask

How can I order wholesale bulk butterfly pea extracts customized to my product requirements?

We happily customize wholesale butterfly pea orders for specific product attributes like color intensity, powder vs liquid format, intended use categories and custom packaging.

What effect does alcohol have on the stability of your butterfly pea extracts?

Higher alcohol percentages can slightly decolorize butterfly pea faster than pure water bases. But extracts remain effectively colorful in most applications.

Do you also sell cosmetic-grade butterfly pea flower extracts?

Yes, we manufacture cosmetic grade butterfly pea extracts conforming to CoAs tailored for skincare, haircare and decorative cosmetics demanding vibrant plant-based hues.

How should I store opened bottles of butterfly pea flower extract properly?

Store opened butterfly pea extract bottles refrigerated or frozen for maintaining optimal stability. Keep tightly sealed from air exposure and use clean utensils.

What factors cause your butterfly pea extracts to lose their vivid blue hues over time?

Heat, light exposure, changes in pH, vitamin C, and contamination can accelerate color loss. Properly stored away from these factors, the bases retain hues.

Do your butterfly pea extracts have any independent safety certifications?

Our butterfly pea factory is ISO22716 certified for international cosmetic GMPs. Our extracts also comply with various food safety regulations in China, EU and the US.

Is butterfly pea flower extract safe for children and pregnant women if used in moderation?

In moderation, butterfly pea likely safe for children over 3yrs and pregnant women but consult your pediatrician and OB-GYN before regular consumption.

Can I use your butterfly pea extract in commercial ice cream production lines?

Yes, our butterfly pea extracts conform to global food safety standards like FSSC22000, ideal for commercial ice cream, candy and dessert manufacturers needing vivid, stable natural blues.

What is the best way to incorporate butterfly pea extract into dark-colored liquids like colas?

For dark sodas, pre-dissolve butterfly pea extract in water first, then slowly blend into the full carbonated liquid for even dispersion of bright blues without precipitation.

How does your butterfly pea flower extract compare to the powder form in coloring strength?

Our high-concentration butterfly pea liquid extracts offer more intense, longer-lasting blues than powder in liquids. But powders are better for absorbing moisture in baked goods.

Top Reviews


I purchased butterfly pea extract to craft brightly colored vegan frozen treats for my toddler's birthday party. We had fun blending tiny amounts into nice cream bases made with bananas and berries before freezing. The enchanting aqua ice pops were a huge hit with kids and parents alike! Now my kiddo requests "the rainbow ice" nearly every day. Much better than artificial dyes!


As a pastry chef, high quality blue butterfly pea extract is a kitchen staple for me. Unlike messy powders, the liquid extract instantly intensifies the vibrancy of any white base with alluring azure tones. My customers delight seeing unexpected shades of blue macarons, ice cream and chiffon cakes achieved safely with this colorful plant derivative. A little goes a long way thanks to the concentrated coloring power!

Josh Bowden

I purchased a bottle of butterfly pea flower extract to experiment with adding vibrant coloring to my baking projects and cocktail mixology. Just a teaspoon mixed into lemon curd or frosting bathes them in striking sapphire hues. A dash in gin-based drinks makes them ombre works of art! This versatile natural colorant takes my recipe creativity to the next level.

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