2011 - Our founder wanted to source Spirulina extract in China but found that he could only buy it from abroad.

2012 - The founder extracted the first 100ml of algae cyanobacteria protein in a 9㎡ laboratory.

2013 - Zhejiang Binmei Biotechnology Co. Ltd was established.



2014 -Established 20 tons per year of algae cyanobacterial protein extraction line and launched algae cyanobacterial protein at FIA Expo in Shanghai, Asia.

2015 - All production lines were contracted by a German food ingredient giant.

2016 - Trademark registration and patent application. Develop new product spirulina liquid extract. set up R&D team, technical team.


2017 - Relocation of factory. Opening of a production plant in a national economic and technological development zone in China.

2018 - Acquired spirulina raw material farm in Inner Mongolia, vertically integrated supply chain.

2019 - Launch of new products spirulina liquid extract, safflower yellow extract, spirulina superfine powder.

2020 - Construction of new spirulina liquid extract production plant. Launch of higher purity, more stable and cost effective spirulina extract.

2021 - Launch of Butterfly pea flower extract in December after the FDA announcement of its allowable use in September.

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