Romantic red: natural rose juice, taking health and soft to your life

Tuesday December 12, 2023

Can I add roses to my recipe?

Roses have a lot of nutritional value. Containing vitamin A, vitamin C, niacin, potassium, iron, calcium, and phosphorus.

 The rose is associated with sophisticated beauty and love. But the rose is much more than an ornamental flower adored for its heady aroma. The healing medicine of the rose is extraordinary and under-appreciated, and using roses as food and medicine can offer us deep physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. 

BINMEI Biology Lab has done experiments on the high-temperature stability of rose juice.

Experimental method:

Take 2 cups of unstirred rose water solution diluted to 10% 450 ml and place them in an oven at 260℃ and at room temperature for 40 minutes to compare the color change of the two solutions.

The left beaker solution was at 260 degrees Celsius and the right beaker solution was at room temperature, after 40 minutes, there was no more difference between the two types of solution.

BINMEI’s Rose Juice is gently physically extracted throughout, with only water added as an aid, it is extracted by Liquid-Solid Extract. It has strong stability in heat and light. It can be used as a food ingredient in ice cream, beverages,dairy products, tea, bakery, and others, giving the finished products a unique flavor and visual effects.

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