Natural colors are replacing synthetic colors, and market opportunity for natural color factory

Wednesday June 05, 2024

Colors play a vital role in food, medicine, textile, and other industries, making human life more colorful. Colors are divided into natural and synthetic colors according to their source. However, many synthetic colorants have environmental toxicity and threaten human health. For healthy purposes, natural colors are replacing synthetic colors, and customers purchase health, giving natural color factories more opportunities. With the increase in the demand for natural colors in food, cosmetics, and other fields, it is of important value to develop natural colors, especially in the food field. Natural colors are widely found on land and in the sea and can be extracted from plants, animals, microorganisms, minerals, and some other materials.

Natural colors source and function

Most natural colors from plants, animals, and microbes, are not only safe and reliable but also have functions of nutrition and pharmacological activities such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-obesity, anti-microbial, and anti-viral effects. Despite the wide range of natural pigments that have been used in the food industry, anthocyanin, carotenoids, phycobiliproteins, betalains, and chlorophylls remain as the most commonly used for food applications. 

Resources of natural colors including plants, animals, microorganisms, and minerals

The importance of natural colors for color factories

Synthetic colors are harmful to health, becoming a common perception among consumers. In beverages, confectionery, baking, frozen snacks, dairy, fruit products, etc industries, they all cut down on the use of synthetic colors, the orders of synthetic colors are reducing, and the orders of natural colors are increasing, market giving natural color more opportunity, forcing factories to update their technology and equipment, producing natural colors, to suit the market requirements. Many natural color factories seize the opportunity to grow. The global natural food colors market was valued at USD 1.8 billion in 2022 and grew at a CAGR of 8.6% from 2023 to 2032. Due to the rising demand for confectionery and bakery items, the natural food colors market is anticipated to expand quickly throughout the projected period. Additionally, strict laws against the use of artificial and similar colors are probably going to become the main force behind industrial expansion.

Pharmacological Activities of Natural Colors and Related Mechanisms

The pharmacological activities and related mechanisms of natural colors have been studied extensively. The health benefits of carotenoids, anthocyanins, curcumins, phycocyanin, and betalains were mainly discussed in recent years, including antioxidant activity, anti-inflammatory activity, anti-cancer activity, anti-cardiovascular disease activity, anti-obesity and anti-diabetic activity, anti-microbial activity, anti-viral activity, and neuroprotective effect.

The pharmacological activities of natural colors

Chinese market natural color factories leader: Binmei Biotechnology

The Chinese market is very special, firstly, the Chinese market is very large. Secondly, the EU, the US, Korea, Japan, the Middle East, and other countries and areas, have a business habit of sourcing in China. Natural colors have become trendy in the world, leading to a fiercely competitive environment among natural color factories in China, Binmei Biotechnology is a leader in the natural blue color phycocyanin market, cooperating with well-known milk tea brands and bakery companies in the Chinese market, exports exceed 200 tons phycocyanin per year.

Binmei Biotechnology: Wholesale natural color for food

Binmei Biotechnology adheres to the concept of “fruit and vegetable coloring”, and continues to focus on “new ingredients and new technologies” with its strong research and development strength and keen market insight. Through in-depth study of various natural plants, animals, and microalgae sources, thousands of experiments and improvements, the original “low-temperature targeted wall breaking” technology, and finally successfully completed the innovative breakthrough of efficient enrichment of natural colors from natural animals, plants, and microalgae, and launched a multi-color natural rich food. Binmei Biotechnology maintains stock all year round and supports large wholesale and small purchases.

Natural black color: cuttlefish ink extract(Powder and Liquid)

Adhering to the concept of a strict selection of high-quality raw materials, Binmei Biotechnology strictly controls the source of raw materials and only chooses fresh and pollution-free cuttlefish to ensure the purity and safety of products. In addition, the reason why it can stand out from the ordinary cuttlefish juice on the market is mainly due to the research and development of Binmei Biotechnology’s innovative technology – efficient physical fishiness removal.

Binmei Biotechnology cuttlefish ink liquid

Natural red color: Aronia berry extract (Powder and Liquid)

With its unique taste and color, it has set off a fresh trend in the market. The core of this trend is the success of Binmei Biotechnology in removing the bitter taste of Aronia berry so that the delicate taste can be more authentic.

Binmei Biotechnology Aronia berry Extract

Natural red color: Rose extract (Powder and Liquid)

Rose extract, the combination of the fragrant aroma of raw materials and gorgeous red, not only gives the product a symbol of love and romance with bright color, but more profoundly contains a beautiful meaning and rich cultural connotation. Binmei Biotechnology rose extract keeps the rose taste and flavor.

Binmei Biotechnology Rose liquid extract with rose taste and flavor

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