Blue Beer Craze Sweeps the World: Phycocyanin Gives Brews Their Vibrant Hue

Wednesday May 08, 2024

Over the years, beer has attracted great attention for its nutritional value and for its particular taste; in line with the growing interest in foods and beverages capable of combining nutritional value and healing properties, improvements in the composition of beer, through the addition (e.g., microalgae, plant extracts, fungi, probiotics, etc.) or removal (e.g., alcohol, gluten, or carbohydrates) of some compounds, have been obtained, thus leading to the production of “functional beverages”[1].

In the United States, the FDA has classified spirulina extract as a certification-exempt color additive and approved its use in confectionery and other foods, while currently, in the European Union, spirulina extract is classified as a food colorant.

French “Line”

French craft brewer Hoppy Urban Brew is working with Etika Spirulina – the company that grows the algae – to make the beer it’s calling “Line.”  One employee told the outlet that the beer has been a success. “It’s getting an enormous amount of interest and curiosity on the part of the public,” Sebastien Verbeke told Reuters. Another employee described the beer’s taste as “hoppy, light, and with fruity notes,” Reuters reported.

Hoppy Urban Brew (HUB) worker Mathilde Vanmansart pours a bottle of the Line blue beer.  (REUTERS/Ardee Napolitano)

The US “Wildberry Lime with Blue Spirulina”

Wildberry Lime with Blue Spirulina Powder. 5.4% ABV. The Team of VOODOO BREWING CO. about Wild Berry Lime wanted to deliver customers something very unique that’s infused with ingredients that their body will actually appreciate. These seltzers deliver vibrant colors and taste all while infusing healthy ingredients for those health-conscious consumers.

Japanese “Abashiri Beer’s Okhotsk Blue Draft “

Abashiri Okhotsk Blue Ryuhyo Draft is Abashiri Brewery’s most famous drink and is supposedly made using drift ice and natural ingredients such as blue spirulina to give it its blue color. It’s been the subject of many “Weird Japan” articles since being made available overseas in 2014.

México “Bacalar”

Bacalar beer is the only blue beer in Mexico! This formula is made from a superfood called Blue Spirulina, a blue-green color with multiple beneficial properties for the human body, so you can confidently take it as a 100% natural product, containing 4.0% alcohol.

Binmei Biotechnology: Spirulina Extract for Blue Beer

Spirulina extract for beer is a product customized for beer, brewing, and alcoholic beverages, and as a professional manufacturer of spirulina extract, Binmei has developed spirulina extract suitable for beer for the production process and product characteristics of beer and alcoholic beverage brewing. It can be fused with yellow beer to make blue liquor and has good stability and a high coloring rate.

Can be combined with yellow beer to make a blue beer

It has good stability and a high coloring rate

Does not affect the taste and flavor of the beer

Specially formulated for the product characteristics and production processes of beer and alcoholic beverages

Natural, healthy, and free of any artificial and chemical additives

[1]Habschied K., Živković A., Krstanović V., Mastanjević K. Functional Beer—A Review on Possibilities. Beverages. 2020;6:51. doi: 10.3390/beverages6030051.

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