From Farm to Table, From Spirulina to Color

Thursday April 06, 2023

In 2013, BINMEI realized the industrial production of phycocyanin. Up to now, the company has obtained 9 invention patents, and established a traceable food safety management system from raw materials to consumers. Our cutting-edge extraction ability enables us to extract higher content and higher quality phycocyanin from spirulina, ahead of other peers in the world.

What is blue spirulina extract?

Blue Spirulina is a blue pigment, which comes from a phytochemical called phycocyanin. The pigment is harmless to the human body and has high water solubility. Its extract is a natural coloring product and can be used as a food coloring agent.

At present, blue pigments in nature are scarce. If you want to add blue elements to food, you must artificially synthesize pigments, because once these pigments are used for a long time, they will have an impact on the body. However, because Hejiao is a kind of very rare algae food, it has a large number of high-quality proteins and various amino acids necessary for human beings, and it can also be regarded as the top of the human diet. It can nourish human health through the benefits of various nutrients.

Spirulina extract from BINMEI’s R&D lab

Application of spirulina extract

Phycocyanin is a dark blue starch extracted from spirulina, while phycocyanin is a pure natural high-quality plant pigment protein, which is a pure natural blue pigment certified by the US National FDA, which is very suitable for the new trends of no synthetic pigment, plant-based and natural healthy nutrition. European countries have allowed phycocyanin to be used as a raw material for colored food, and its usage in beverages is not limited. Other colors such as purple and green can be compounded by using its blue color. Phycocyanin can be safely used in colored ice cream, yogurt, candy, milk tea, and other foods, and it can also be used in cosmetics and dietary supplements.

Good products are inseparable from good raw materials.

Since 2013, as a factory specializing in the production of phycocyanin, BINMEI has been committed to the research, development, application, and promotion of phycocyanin. BINMEI chose to obtain organic spirulina from the polluted Inner Mongolia Plateau far away from cities, and industrial areas, and made continuous efforts to cultivate high-quality algae species and cultivate high-quality spirulina strains through comprehensive methods such as technical screening, environmental adaptation domestication, genetic stability evaluation, growth rate investigation, and nutrient analysis.

In cultivating high-quality spirulina, BINMEI has carried out research on the culture medium of spirulina, provided appropriate fertilizer nutrition formula and suggestions that helped spirulina farming farms to do fertilizer analysis, made full use of carbon dioxide in the air, reduced the waste of fertilizer and promoted sustainable development. At the same time, it improves the quality of breeding farms and the output of unit land and improves the local economic benefits.

Good products are inseparable from good raw materials.

Quality assurance

As a factory specializing in the production of phycocyanin, BINMEI has been rooted in the food industry for 9 years and has always regarded food safety as the top priority of its production and operation, fulfilling our obligations and commitments to customers every day. In the production process, BINMEI only used mild physical methods to extract phycocyanin from spirulina, without destroying the chemical properties of raw materials and only added water as an auxiliary agent to extract organic phycocyanin.

BINMEI fully guarantees the quality and safety of phycocyanin through a food safety management system and a mass production management system. The extraction process and products of blue-green algae protein from BINMEI have successively passed the certifications of FSSC22000, HALAL (halal), KOSHER (Jewish), the United States, and the European Union. BINMEI has established a fully automatic and intelligent phycocyanin production line. Through five systems, the whole process of low-temperature cold chain and pipeline sealing, the threat of external pollutants to product quality is minimized. At the same time, BINMEI carries out random inspections, unscheduled external inspections, and regular type inspections on each batch of products to fully guarantee the quality and safety of phycocyanin.

A solid supply chain

The world-renowned customers of BINMEI include world-renowned food enterprises and giants. Not only that, we produce high-purity phycocyanin and have established stable cooperative relations with famous universities and research institutes in China.

A transparent and traceable food safety system.

From raw materials to finished products, every process has been carefully inspected to ensure that all components in the product are in a state of dust-free, at constant temperature, and constant humidity, thus ensuring that every product is environmentally friendly, healthy, and safe. We have adhered to the values of environmental protection, science, and safety, and formed a quality management system that can be traced back to the end users in real-time.

Get BINMEI’s high-quality spirulina extract and application solutions

BINMEI is well aware of its role in the food supply chain, and always puts product quality and product safety first. Only in this way can we continuously create value for our customers and consumers. Contact us ( today to get our high-quality spirulina extract and natural coloring products.

BINMEI's spirulina extract and spirulina color products
BINMEI’s spirulina extract and spirulina color products

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