Blue spirulina application: natural blue used in different  industries

Thursday June 27, 2024

Natural blue pigments from nature are very rare, blue spirulina is extracted from spirulina as a natural blue color used in many industries, and it is trendy in the world. The core component of blue spirulina is phycocyanin, and the essence of phycocyanin is protein. So blue spirulina is light-sensitive, heat-sensitive, and not resistant to acids and bases. Although blue spirulina as a natural extract has too many usage scenario limitations, why do many industrial customers still choose blue spirulina? If the ending products want to use blue spirulina to supply a natural blue color, the better pH condition is 4-8. And the Temperature is lower than 65℃. Many products meet these application conditions, for example, ice cream, hand-made coffee, gummies and candy coating, solid beverages, skincare products, etc.

Blue spirulina benefits:

  • Enhance immunity
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-cancer
  • Anti-radiation
  • Liver protection
  • Diabetes-friendly

Blue spirulina ice cream

Colorful ice cream can catch customers’ eyes, at the same time, customers are always suspicious about the origin of ice cream color. Some have questioned whether eating is safe due to the dyes used to create the signature color. Blue spirulina takes a vivid blue color and safety to ice cream.

Blue spirulina coloring cream for baking products

Starbucks 2024 Year of the Dragon Limited Edition: Blue Dragon Earl Grey Chiffon Cake. The cream’s blue color is from blue spirulina. If you’re not a fan of artificial food coloring, you can opt for purer alternatives like blue spirulina or butterfly pea flower powder, which both yield a lovely sapphire pigment without synthetic additives. To ensure an even distribution of color, mix your preferred coloring into the batter’s wet ingredients before incorporating them into the dry ingredients. This helps prevent streaking and ensures a gorgeous blue tint throughout the cake.

Blue spirulina candy

Nestlé had used Brilliant Blue to color its blue Smarties before moving to Spirulina, a seaweed derivative, in 2008. The company has since removed all artificial colors in confectionery items in the UK.

Blue spirulina store-based beverages

People like showing their hand-made coffee and yogurt on social apps. Blue spirulina enables store-based beverage shops by making the final product appear vivid blue color, making consumers more willing to share on social media and driving higher sales for brands and stores.

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