Spirulina Extract

Phycocyanin Tablets: More than a Pigment Protein|BINMEI

Phycocyanin tablets are always used as natural supplements for health purposes. Suppose people maintain healthy dietary habits…

Blue Diamond丨The Benefits of Spirulina Extract - BINMEI Biotechnology

Blue Diamond, The Benefits of Phycocyanin – BINMEI Biotechnology

Spirulina extract is also called blue Spirulina, and the main component is phycocyanin. The complex adversity of nature endows Spirulina with unique biological active functions, which makes Spirulina have rich effects. What makes Spirulina different is the unique phycocyanin in spirulina. Phycocyanin is not only a good protein, but also has many benefits such as anti-cancer, anti-oxidation and moisturizing.

FBIF2022-Food & beverage Innovation Forum BINMEI show coloring foods to the world

As a supplier of natural and healthy coloring food ingredients, BINMEI has confirmed its presence at this FBIF…

Into Natural and Artificial Food Colors

With the development of human beings and the progress of science and technology, consumers not only pursue…

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