Cuttlefish ink extract Application: Take occult black color to food and beverage

Wednesday June 12, 2024

Involution in the food and beverage industries is a universal phenomenon. Every participant in the food market segment is experiencing excessive competition and diminishing returns. Food innovation is important for companies to get out of trouble.  Healthy black cuttlefish ink extract foods provide a solution for enterprises to stay away from low-price competition, including “black gold chicken nuggets”, “cuttlefish ink dumplings”, “black risotto” and cuttlefish ink drinks.

Cuttlefish ink sausage

In China, Cephalopod products are more common in the south and less common in the north.  The price of cuttlefish ink sausage is 20% to 50% higher than that of ordinary sausage.  From the perspective of market promotion, cuttlefish ink sausage is increasing in volume year by year, especially with good performance in the catering channel and promising future prospects.

Black gold chicken nuggets

Black gold chicken nuggets are fried chicken nuggets, characterized by the use of cuttlefish ink and pickled breadcrumbs on the outer skin, giving it an appearance similar to a hard coal ball, but with a crispy and tender taste when consumed. Black chicken nuggets are popular at Halloween in the West, at the same time, children are attracted to mysterious foods, and black happens to have this attribute. Black and gold chicken nuggets help mothers persuade picky children to eat more food and better supplement their nutrition in the East.

Cuttlefish ink dumplings

Dumplings are not only delicious foods, but also dumplings have deep cultural connotations. Cuttlefish ink dumplings are made by adding cuttlefish ink or cuttlefish ink extract during the process of kneading dough to make dumpling skins, which gives the dumpling skins a mysterious black color. In Jingdong and Tmall supermarket e-commerce platforms, one dozen cuttlefish ink dumplings’ price is nearly 40 yuan, but the same quantity and same quality ordinary dumplings’ price is less than 20 yuan.

Cuttlefish ink dumplings

Black risotto

Black Risotto (Crni rizot) – Croatian seafood and rice dish gets its peculiar color from cuttlefish ink. Black-colored food is very rare in nature. That’s why people are skeptical when they see Black Risotto for the first time. It is a popular Croatian seafood dish made with the addition of cuttlefish ink. More and more tourists are ordering this food all along the Adriatic coast – from Istria to Dalmatia and Dubrovnik.

Black Risotto (Crni rizot)

Bonjour  Black Lemon Tea

Bonjour  Black Lemon Tea, is made with cuttlefish ink extract powder and green peel perfume lemon, cuttlefish ink extract powder gives the tea its black color, and lemon supplies a refreshing taste. The cuttlefish ink powder lemon tea has attracted many people to check in and has become widely popular on social media, from Suzhou to all China.

Cuttlefish ink powder lemon tea

Binmei Biotechnology: Cuttlefish Ink Extract Powder and Liquid

Binmei Cuttlefish ink extract adopts efficient deodorization technology and physical extraction techniques. Chemical additives are not used in the production process. Cuttlefish ink extract, as a coloring food, can be added without limitations. Cuttlefish ink extract from Binmei Biotechnology is offered in two convenient forms: powder and liquid, both devoid of any fishy odor. The powder variant is ideal for use in food industry manufacturing, while the liquid option caters to cake, bubble tea shops, and culinary enthusiasts seeking to explore their gastronomic creativity.

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