Using Natural Colors in Ice Cream: The Benefits and Challenges of Spirulina Extract

Monday March 06, 2023

No one, old people, children, men or women, can refuse the deliciousness of ice cream. Ice cream has been loved by people all over the world for centuries. But even delicious ice cream can be challenging. Because consumers are becoming conscious of natural and healthy, food and beverages, including ice cream. In this article, we will explore market trends and consumer preferences for the use of natural colors in ice cream, as well as the benefits and challenges of using spirulina extract as a natural color.

Market Trends and Consumer Preferences

According to market research, the global ice cream market is expected to reach $89.5 billion by 2025, while the CAGR is around 5.5% from 2020 to 2025. One of the trends in the ice cream industry is the use of natural colors instead of synthetic colors.

As consumers become more health-conscious and concerned about the use of artificial ingredients in food. Consumers are trying to find healthy products that are free of additives, preservatives and artificial colors. This has led to an increasing number of ice cream producers using natural colors such as beets, turmeric and spirulina extracts in ice cream.

Spirulina Extract as a Natural Color

Spirulina extract is a deep blue-green powder, Binmei’s spirulina extract is 100% physically extracted and can be added to food to give it a natural blue color, or compounded with other natural colors to make it green or purple.

The benefits of adding spirulina extract to ice cream are numerous. First of all, as a purely physically extracted natural color, spirulina extract is added to cater to the market and consumer pursuit of health and safety. Secondly, spirulina extract has high nutritional value, rich in protein, and also rich in a variety of essential amino acids. Third, spirulina extract can make ice cream appear natural blue, bright blue will make ice cream stand out among many products and leave a strong impression on social media.

Spirulina extract ice cream
Ice cream colored with spirulina extract

Production Considerations

In the industrial production of ice cream to add spirulina extract must pay attention to the following factors: First, it is necessary to control the proportion of spirulina extract to ensure that the market and consumers like the color, while controlling the cost of the product. Secondly, spirulina extract needs to be evenly distributed throughout the ice cream to avoid agglomeration and uneven color. Finally, it is necessary to consider the stability of spirulina extract in production, add spirulina extract at the back end of production as much as possible, and avoid processing processes such as high temperature, so that the color of ice cream can be kept bright blue.

Another consideration when using spirulina extract is its relatively high cost. However, many consumers are willing to pay high prices for products with natural, healthy ingredients, so this may not be a major concern for ice cream producers.

When adding spirulina extract to the ice cream production process, one of the most important factors is the quality of the spirulina extract used. Ice cream producers should ensure that they use high-quality, pure spirulina extract that is free of any chemical additives, including ammonium sulphate, and contaminants. In addition, it is important to carefully test the amount of spirulina extract added to the recipe to avoid any potential problems such as flavor imbalance or color unevenness.

Now, many ice cream companies around the world have started using spirulina extract as a natural color in their ice cream products. For example, Ben & Jerry’s has launched a line of vegan ice cream products that use spirulina extract as a natural colorant. The brand claims that spirulina extract gives ice cream a vivid green color and adds a subtle nutty flavor. Other companies that use spirulina extract in ice cream products include So Delicious, Perfect Day, and Oatly.

Choose BINMEI‘s high-quality spirulina extract

BINMEI prides itself not only on providing high-quality products, but also on providing customized application solutions to meet your needs. Spirulina extract from Binmei is obtained through a gentle physical process and does not contain any preservatives or chemical additives. If you are interested in Pinmei spirulina extract and natural colors, please feel free to contact our sales team:


In conclusion, the use of natural ingredients such as spirulina extract and natural colors in ice cream production is gaining popularity as consumers become more conscious of health and safety. While there are some challenges to using spirulina in ice cream production, the potential benefits in terms of health, taste, and sustainability make it a food ingredient worth considering for ice cream manufacturers. Spirulina extract also has the potential to become a major natural pigment ingredient in the ice cream industry in the coming years.

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